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“Hi, I am Colleen. I am here to keep you safe and comfortable today. “
For the past 15 years I have been a nurse, caring for patients in the ER, intensive care unit, pediatric patients. After 8 years in the Army as a critical care nurse I went back to school for earn a Masters Degree in Nurse Anethesia. While I love all things anesthesia - the autonomy, individualized patient care, intense science and pharmacology; there was just something missing. Patient interaction is sometimes limited by the fact that I put people to sleep for a living. While I enjoy the challenge and rewarding aspects of anesthesia I miss just being with my patients. Sometimes I only have time to review a chart, explain a procedure and say “Hi, I am Colleen. I here to keep you safe and comfortable today.” 
When I began training in aesthetics that changed. It isn’t about injecting someone’s face with chemicals. It is about getting to know people beyond skin deep. You earned every one of your wrinkles, scars and age spots. I want to hear all about it! Sometimes skin blemishes and wrinkles  can feel like they are holding you back. Do you feel like your face is no longer a reflection of how you really feel? Sun exposure catching up with you? Old acne scars still hanging around? It is not vain to want to keep your skin healthy and feel good about it. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Please take the time to take care of it and treat yourself at the same time. If this resonates with you please reach out and let me teach you more about taking care of your skin and yourself.